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ISA employs only the highest caliber of private investigators, trained extensively in the art of surveillance, subtlety and observation. ISA investigators are experienced in serving businesses as well as private individuals. From corporate espionage to unfaithful spouses, ISA investigators will put your mind to ease by providing you accurate, timely and efficient information obtained in the field. Below are some of many investigative services we offer:
Background Checks
(see Background Checks page)
Litigation Report
We can provide support in litigation which may include background checks, asset searches and public records search. 
Trained agents can be provided to perform surveillance for long periods of time in a car.  They are equipped with video cameras and observe from an inconspicuous location until a conclusion can be reached.  Surveillance reports stating time and date are detailed and submitted to the client and the length of the investigation will depend solely if the client is satisfied with the information gathered so far.  
Accident / Claim Investigation
Same as surveillance, investigation regarding possible fraudulent claim for accident or worker’s compensation benefits can be done achieved by observing the subject and his or her activities to find out if there is a valid claim for benefits.  An example will be is if an employer was paying disability for an employee who alleges that he or she sustained an injury on her back and that she can no longer perform activities that will strain her back.  If during the surveillance we can prove using video camera that the employee was performing work for another individual or company that is straining his or her back then it is obviously a false claim.  
Other Services
Other searches include asset searches, bank account, property, corporate or business records, vehicle and driving records as well as credit checks and marriage or divorce records.
ISA Security & Investigations
ISA Security & Investigations

Private Investigations

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