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Security Alarms & Monitoring

ISA Security & Investigations
Types of Monitoring
  1. Non-Supervised – this will only log and dispatch on burglar alarm activations
  2. Supervised Log Only – this will record open and close activities as well as log and dispatch on burglar alarm activations.
  3. Fully Supervised – this will record open and close activities; log and dispatch on burglar activation; and notify responsible parties in the event that an open and close occurs before or after the schedule set by the account holder.     
Residential Security
Your family, your home and your possessions are valuable to you.  We want to assist you in ensuring that your home will be safe for your love ones and that your possessions are protected.  Did you know that:
  • Homes with a monitored security system are 2.2 times less likely to be burglarized
  • Most insurance companies offer great discounts to homes with monitored security system.
Since every family has different lifestyles and different homes, we will design the security system that will best fit your needs.  Call our office or click here to send us your information so we can set up an appointment to meet with you and discuss your security needs further.
Commercial Security
You can provide safety and security for your staff and for your business assets.  We can customize a security system that will fit your needs.  Did you know that:
  • Most insurance companies offer discounts for businesses with monitored and fire security systems
  • Businesses with monitored security systems are 4.5 times less likely to be burglarized
  • 85% of police chiefs recommend the installation of security systems. 
Since every business is set up differently, please contact our office so we can do a walk-thru on your facility and provide you with an accurate quote. 
Alarm monitoring can be with Open and Close reports – log only or supervised.
Access Control Systems
We use different dealers for access control systems – it may either be a complex access control system or a simple stand alone device. We will cater to what you need and we will provide a cost-effective package for you.  
Home Automation
We can integrate security, automation, lighting, and telephone as one complete system that will provide you with phone and internet remote control and task management options.  
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