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Doron Madmony began his security career as an infantry platoon commander for the Israeli Defense Forces, through which he was later recruited to serve as Lieutenant and Deupty Chief of YAMAM, Israel's Counter Terrorism special forces unit until 1986. In 1992, Mr. Madmony founded ISA, International Security Academy, for the purpose of providing customers with highly trained, rigorously screened and capable personnel to ensure the safety and security of private people and property. Doron is also a certified Krav Maga Instructor (Israeli Close-Quarters Combat), tactical Firearms Training Instructor, Private Investigator, Alarm Company Operator and Private Patrol Operator in the state of California. 
ISA Security and Investigations

Doron Madmony


Joseph Savage

Account Manager

Joseph Savage joined ISA in early 2015 as the corporate Account Manager. A resident of Los Angeles, Mr. Savage has spent the last decade in the technical security product and service industry, specializing in intrusion detection systems and government installations. Mr. Savage has traveled to, and managed projects in, over 40 states in the United States, as well as Mexico, the Philippines and Japan, through which he learned to speak Spanish and Japanese. Mr. Savage currently oversees ISA’s daily security guard and technical services operations. 


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