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Security Systems- Cameras, Access Control & Alarms


Tuxedo Touch is a state-of-the-art home and building automation controller with built in web server, camera viewer, integrated security and digital picture frame in one, easy-to-use interface. The magnificent, 7" high-resolution graphic touchscreen provides the easiest, most affordable way to tie all of the technology—including security, cameras and Z-Wave® enabled thermostats, lights, locks and shades together. 

ISA provides top tier quality customized commercial and residential access control, burglar/fire alarm and CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) security camera systems installation, monitoring and maintenance services across the United States. For over two decades, we have catered to a variety of clientele, including government, international retailers, corporate, home and estate. With no job too big or too small, ISA is your personal security system consultant. 
1) Full Installation: Install, add or upgrade equipment
2) Service: Diagnosis, repair and preventative maintenance
3) Monitoring: Activity, alarms and device health
Camera Systems                                                                          
The first Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) camera system, installed by German engineer Walter Bruch in 1942, was originally designed for the purpose of observing the launch of long-range ballistic missiles. Since then, advancements in the security field have made these, once complex and expensive tools, easily accessible and affordable both in the commercial and residential sectors. ISA has held its ground as a leader in quality surveillance system installation and service for over twenty years, working with a wide range of products including, but not limited to:
Bullet Cameras * Dome Cameras * Discreet/Covert Cameras * Infrared/Night Vision Cameras * Day/Night Cameras * Outdoor Cameras * Varifocal Cameras * Network/IP Cameras * Wireless Cameras * PTZ/Speed Dome Cameras * High-Definition Cameras
Choosing the right product for your purposes is one part of the equation; designing a camera installment layout is the other. As an experienced security consulting firm, we have served a variety of clientele, each with unique goals and needs, including:
Religious * Community * Government * Hotel * Event Hall * Shopping/Retail * Production Space * Private Home * Residential Complex * School
Access & Intercom Systems                                                          


Your home and place of business hold valuable information and belongings you may not want to be easily accessible to everyone. ISA Access Control systems give you the tools to regulate who receives access, what they receive access to, and when they can access it. 


Alarm Systems: Burglar & Fire                                                       


Investing in alarm monitoring services not only reduces your chances of being burglarized dramatically, but monthly insurance costs as well. ISA provides top tier quality customized alarm monitoring services for clients across the United States. While most companies lure customers in with false promises, we like our customers to know exactly what they pay for. Monitoring services vary from plan to plan, each with its own unique benefits. The following are some of the plans we currently offer:




Types of Monitoring
  1. Non-Supervised – this will only log and dispatch on burglar alarm activations
  2. Supervised Log Only – this will record open and close activities as well as log and dispatch on burglar alarm activations.
  3. Fully Supervised – this will record open and close activities; log and dispatch on burglar activation; and notify responsible parties in the event that an open and close occurs before or after the schedule set by the account holder.     
Residential Security
Your family, your home and your possessions are valuable to you.  We want to assist you in ensuring that your home will be safe for your love ones and that your possessions are protected.  Did you know that:
  • Homes with a monitored security system are 2.2 times less likely to be burglarized
  • Most insurance companies offer great discounts to homes with monitored security system.
Since every family has different lifestyles and different homes, we will design the security system that will best fit your needs.  Call our office or click here to send us your information so we can set up an appointment to meet with you and discuss your security needs further.
Commercial Security
You can provide safety and security for your staff and for your business assets.  We can customize a security system that will fit your needs.  Did you know that:
  • Most insurance companies offer discounts for businesses with monitored and fire security systems
  • Businesses with monitored security systems are 4.5 times less likely to be burglarized
  • 85% of police chiefs recommend the installation of security systems. 
Since every business is set up differently, please contact our office so we can do a walk-thru on your facility and provide you with an accurate quote. 
Alarm monitoring can be with Open and Close reports – log only or supervised.


LYNX Plus can be installed anywhere, regardless of existing communications technologies in use at a home. The device's uniquely integrated GSM alarm communications capabilities allow homeowners control of their systems from any Web-enabled device and grants access to next-generation services, such as Total Connect



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