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Tribute to Larise Smith

On Monday, December 8th 2014, our brother and fellow agent, Larise Smith, was taken from us. According to reports, Larise was out walking his Lacasapoo dog, Toby, near his residence of 50 years while accompanied by a couple of ladies in his dog-walking group. Upon stopping near 7th Avenue, a man approached him, asked what gang he was part of, shot him in the head and fled on foot. Larise died later that night from his injuries at the age of 56 in California Hospital Medical Center.

Though only with us for a few short months, Larise certainly left a lasting impression on his ISA family. He is remembered as one who always had a smile on his face, always eager to learn and help others, a good man, easy going and respectful to everyone he encountered. He served his community and company with pride, dedication and a passion that will never be forgotten.

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