Security Advisory- 1/9/15 French kosher market hostage incident

Amedy Coulibaly, reported associate of the Kouachi brothers responsible for the 12-victim massacre at a satirical newspaper days prior, was killed by French police Friday after taking nearly several hostages in a Paris kosher market, a confrontation resulting in the death of 4 hostages and rescue of 15. The firefight commenced following Coulibaly’s threat to kill hostages if police pursued French-Algerian brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi who were cornered in a printing business in the industrial area of Dammartin with a hostage. Shortly after his threat, both brothers were killed and the hostage was freed.

Background on Suspect:

* Amedy Coulibaly, 32 year old French native, was reported to be an associate of the French-Algerian Kouachi brothers. Some reports indicate Coulibaly may have become radicalized under Djamel Beghal, French-Algerian terrorist recruiter.

* In 2002, Coulibaly was arrested for armed bank robbery

* In 2010, Coulibaly was jailed for his involvement in a failed jail-break attempt to free Smain Ait Ali Belkacem responsible for the 1995 France bombings.

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